Epsom Salt and Its Many Uses

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  1. Add to olive oil to exfoliate skin and add to shampoo for rejuvenating the scalp. Let  the mixture absorb for a few minutes and then rinse.
  2. For blackheads, boil ½ cup of water, 3 drops of iodine, and 1 tsp. of Epsom salt.  Let the solution cool enough to touch and bottle; use with a cotton ball and apply to  blackheads. Reheat and cool if solution separates.
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8 thoughts on “Epsom Salt and Its Many Uses

  1. Where would you surgest buying epsom salts? Im looking a buying some to use in the bath. I have looked in the supermarkets but it looks like i can save money getting them online. My worry is that can i trust te online stores? Is there a brand of epsom salts that i can trust? Here is a link to the Epsom Salts site that im looking at… http://www.epsomsalts.co.uk

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